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Burnley Civic Trust

Making Burnley a Better Place to Live and Work

Burnley Civic Trust is run by volunteers who, as is indicated in the Trust's Mission Statement above, wish to preserve the best of what is left of Burnley's past and, also, to promote the best of the new. The Trust exists to ensure that Burnley continues to be a varied, vibrant, historic and interesting town.

The Trust is pleased to have Sir Simon Towneley as President, but the day to day running of the Trust is carried out by a Committee of members elected at the AGM.

There is a new look to the format of the meetings. By default our meetings will now take place on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings will alternate between formal business meetings, followed every third month by lectures or outside visits. See the Events page and the latest Minutes and Agendas for up to date details.

Following the receipt of the Heritage Lottery Grant we have been able to acquire our much needed computers, scanners and equipment to enable the Volunteer Group to progress to PG54 constructing our website. We are pleased to announce that it is now online at the web address www.bcthic.org

Short film by the Burnley Film Group